The New Parliament.
We're delighted to be able to confirm that the APPGA has been reconstituted. A record of Parliamentarians attended our AGM. We also held a well attended reception for new MPs and a consultation event for the public with over 50 attendees. 

The next public meeting of the APPGA will be in the Autumn and the website will be updated with previous minutes and the new membership in the coming weeks. 

If you need any additional information about the APPGA please email: appga@nas.org.uk

A welcome from our Chair, Cheryl Gillan MP:

'Autism', 'autism spectrum disorder' and 'Asperger syndrome' are terms that are increasingly entering public consciousness. The number of people who are diagnosed with those conditions is rising. That is the result of a growing awareness of the conditions and the greater specialism that is now available. However, far too many people are not having their needs met. The role of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism is to bring together MPs, Peers and members of the public who have a shared common concern in advancing the interests of individuals with the condition and their families. In this, we have in no small part been helped by my predecessors as Chairs: Liz Blackman, Stephen Ladyman, Janet Dean, Charlotte Leslie and Robert Buckland."


The official objective is:

"To raise awareness of issues affecting people with autism and Asperger syndrome, their families and carers; to raise Parliamentary awareness of autism; to campaign for changes to government policy to benefit people with autism and Asperger syndrome and improve diagnosis or, support for, people with autism and Asperger syndrome."

meeting of the appg on autism
The right start - reforming the system for children with autism

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'Diverse perspectives'

If your MP is not already a member of the APPGA, write to them and ask them to join.